The Mistmarches

Behind the Palisade and in the Dark

"I think we pissed them off, Genji..."

Session Summary
The negotiations went well until the locals wanted to “ordain” the proceedings, presumably by getting the blessings or involvement of their overlords or gods or whatever these snake folks are to them. Or are. Hard to tell. A few things are very clear, however: the cloth they spin is as strong as leather, and even stronger against slashing weapons, although as light and flexible as simple cloth. Their beadwork is very attractive, and might fetch a good price. They seem enamored with snakes, and are perhaps even in thrall to or somehow answerable to them. Are they charmed? Influenced? Willing servants of them? It’s hard to tell, but the snake was certainly interested in having Genji join it in the dark behind the wall, and equally disinterested in having the others, who were not interested in its overtures, come along.

The locals, including Sh’Rylye certainly fell in line with the thing’s order to kill the party, and although they were serious about their attempts there was not blood lust in their eyes or extreme zeal in their efforts. Maybe when she wakes up you can get some information out of her, or maybe she’ll flip out and scream bloody murder.

The snake man was tough, and all of you realize that if you’d not concentrated your blows on him right away he might have done a lot more damage. The snake that came out and turned into the woman had different powers, but dropped after lesser blows – maybe she’s a different type of snake person. Either way, none of you have ever heard of snake people or shape changers like this, or a group of people worshipping snakes or snake people. This awfulness is all new.

As we established, the session ended with the camera pulling away from your group of five: two conscious, two coming around, and the girl, tied up, starting to wake up, too. The darkness is some 40 or 50 feet away, but beyond that it’s thick, with twisted vines and trunks and roots coming together to form a twisted wall with but a few darker tunnels as means of egress.

Moving Forward
The girl wakes up and within moments she starts to struggle, fear and anger in her eyes. I assume that you’ve gagged her, and so she can only offer grunts and some muffled cries as she thrashes pathetically for a few moments before accepting that she’s stuck.

The dark woods offer sounds: bugs, maybe birds, and evidence of movement…slithering? Crawling? You can’t tell, but the woods are alive beyond where you can see, and you all have the unsettling feeling that eyes are upon you.


Ti’Un eyes the odd weapons skeptically then turns up his lip disdainfully at them.

“The Earthbreaker is a respected and revered weapon among my people. Despite our large stature, few can wield this weapon well. I will remain with my weapons and hope that you three will benefit directly from these new ones.”

After wiping the gore from Sarrick’s blade, he returns it to his comrade’s scabbard. Seeing to their comfort, he mutters a Dunsward prayer, “Rest of the gods be upon you my brethren that you may rise to once again take the fight to our enemies. If this not be the will of Providence then we shall drink to glory in the afterlife.”


About an hour goes by, with nothing happening on the dark side of the wall. There’s obviously an agitated crowd on the other side, although the shouts and commotion that defined the first part of that time have died down. Lacking the ability to understand them anymore, none of you can be sure, but it sounds like it took some time for the ones in charge to establish order, and now it sounds like there is a crowd periodically murmuring – maybe praying or intoning some other words – and there is some pacing back and forth.

Nothing has come out of the darkness, yet, although each of you is touched by a clear sense of being watched. You also hear all manner of forest/jungle sounds, like birds, things scampering and climbing, the creek of massive trees moving slightly in a humid breeze that comes and goes, and the rustle of leaves. The area smells heavily of moss, soil, green wood, and animal life, as if nothing approaching civilization touches this area, or has.

The girl is awake, and after her struggles relaxed somewhat, although any moves toward her or handling or touching her will result in some half-hearted kicking and squirming.


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