Two centuries of rule…a century of tumult

The Kingdom of the Mistmarches, under its ninth monarch in the line of Anton I, is celebrating two hundred years since its founding. Known as the 'Lone Kingdom' due to its location far afield of other populated areas, it is the only surviving polity in a region of failed or toppled realms. Its current sovereign, King Jotwan II, has served for only two years and has called the brave and skilled of his realm to its banner, offering land and titles to those who would assist in exploring and the securing the kingdom's frontiers, as the Mistmarches themselves were once settled.

Who will answer his call, and seek to have their names and deeds written into the lore of the Mistmarches?

The tale has been told and the story is finished. The Kingdom of the Mistmarches was saved by a few smart, brave individuals, much like it was established by a few of similar stuff. This campaign is over, after about 11 months of almost weekly in-person play, with the same group of players.

The Mistmarches

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